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24 51st Zone 4 Champ iShoot
at Guayama (16630)
in Guayama, PR
08/09/2024 - 08/11/2024

The event: 24 51st Zone 4 Champ iShoot is an iSkeet event. These events are shot over multiple locations simultaneously and you are registering to shoot at: Guayama, PR
If Guayama, PR is NOT where you desire to shoot, please use this link to return to the registration page and restart the process.

This is a pre-registration.
Please only enter a shooter ONE time.  You can explain multiple position preferences later in Reasonable Requests.
Please enter all the shooters you would like to shoot on your squad.
Enter shooters in preferred shooting order and make requests to change "squad order" in the Reasonable Requests below.
If you are not making a request for a full squad please enter shooters in the preferred position.
As an example if you prefer to shoot tail-gunner enter your shooter information into position P-5 of the form below.
NSSA numbers are required for pre-registration please use valid numbers. Use the "Current Member NSSANO Search" below.
If you enter multiple invalid NSSA Numbers, you may have to reload the form.
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Position NSSA# First Name Lastname Events RV Spot Required?
Contact for RV Availability
Contact for RV Availability
Contact for RV Availability
Contact for RV Availability
Contact for RV Availability
All Available Events, 12-410, and Doubles are selected by default. If you only plan to shoot specific events please select the NO-EVENT in the drop down. For example "NO-DBL" if you do not plan to shoot the Doubles. 


Registration Requestor Email:

Quite simply a valid email of a point of contact about this squad request.  If a valid email is not present we have no way of contact in the event of registration problems.

Registration Requestor Phone:

Quite simply a valid Phone Number of a point of contact about this squad request.  If a valid email is not present we will use this phone number as a point of contact in the event of registration problems.

Final Rotations at each site will depend on that site's turnout. Please follow rotation and squad assignments posted by your host club.
Main Rotation Choices
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Doubles Rotation Choices
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Reasonable Requests:
Such as:
Wheelchair shooter
Specific squad order requests, etc

Maximum Characters 300

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